La Taqueria Brand

Growing up on a ranch, you identify with the importance of branding your most valued assets, from the entry gates to the cattle herds. Every owner had a distinguished mark-The brand (la marca, el fierro, la herradura). LT Brand offers you just that in a restaurant setting; from the inspired name, to the unique signage, and specialty marked menu items. LT Brand transcends beyond its name and signature dishes, by also incorporating the most recognized angus beef brand as the exclusive carne asada. LT Brand wants to fulfill patrons demand for high-quality meat with superior taste and tenderness in every bite by providing consumers a premium beef program that is consistent in quality, responsibly sourced, and ethically raised.

The LT Brand menu offers family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Utilizing simple and authentic ingredients to prepare timeless classics as well as trending new favorites. The street tacos, quesadillas, and burritos showcase a little bit of Mexico ‘s captivating culinary history and bold flavors. The LT Brand family hopes that every time you leave, you walk away knowing you’ll be back again soon.

The modern rustic décor allows you to see the inspiration of growing-up on a ranch estilo ranchero. With the open kitchen concept, you can reminisce eating street tacos around your favorite taco cart at the town square of your village(la plaza); especially on Sundays after mass. Listening to Spanish music play in the background- with a variation of rancheras, banda, norteno, mariachi and modern corridos that will have you cheering in joy. Aayyy!!! Ya, Yaayyy. Well maybe that might be from the heat in the Habanero salsa. As your palate craves the al pastor meat spinning on the trompo pit. Leaving no alternative option but to indulge and enjoy freshly made traditional churros and esquite.
All of this while promoting the brand at a great value.

Hours: 8am-9pm Sun-Thurs, 8am-10pm Fri & Sat
Order: Online, Call (562) 317-5505

Check out their NEW breakfast menu! *Menu and prices subject to change