Timeout feature: Guide to the Best Food Halls in LA & OC

Originally posted by Timeout.com

Edited by Patricia Kelly Yeo | Contributors Erin Kuschner Stephanie Breijo

““Restoration” is the key word at SteelCraft Long Beach, where meals are shared on communal tables made from reclaimed wood and bike racks are formed from 95-percent recycled material. Each restaurant or bar in this outdoor food court operates out of repurposed metal shipping containers from the Port of L.A. and the Port of Long Beach. While restaurants rolled out gradually, the space is now home to burger joint Hangry Belly; Belgian waffle specialist Waffle Love; classic Mexican-oriented La Taqueria and more. Smog City Brewery pours beer at a container as well, and cups of java can be ordered from Steelhead Coffee. Keep an eye out for events happening at SteelCraft, including live music and yoga and beer classes, and if you’re near Bellflower or Garden Grove, you can now find SteelCraft food hall sibling spots there, too.”

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