Second SteelCraft Location Approved Unanimously by Garden Grove City Council


Contact: Jennifer Le

LONG BEACH, Calif. (June 15, 2017)—A proposal prepared by Howard CDM, construction and development partner with SteelCraft, to build their second SteelCraft location in Downtown Garden Grove passed June 13, 2017 at the Garden Grove City Council meeting. SteelCraft founder, Kim Gros, and Howard CDM president/CEO, Martin Howard, attended Tuesday evening’s meeting to present the final concept to the board. The seven members voted unanimously to proceed with the development.

“We are thrilled and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring SteelCraft to Garden Grove,” said Kim Gros. “In my heart, yes, I thought SteelCraft would grow to something bigger, but in my head I didn’t think it would grow so quickly.”

SteelCraft Long Beach, an outdoor urban eatery built from repurposed shipping containers, opened to the public in February 2017. The 15,000 SF development houses eight vendors who offer craft food and drink.

“We were flooded with inquiries from all over the country almost immediately,” said Gros. “That’s when our team began to dream bigger.”

The Garden Grove deal was finalized in just 60 days.

“Part of SteelCraft’s success is that it has become a destination for residents and travelers, alike,” said Martin Howard. “People travel from all over to participate in what SteelCraft has to offer.”

“It’s truly authentic,” Gros added. “People know when they come to SteelCraft, they are getting the best coffee sourced from across the globe, the best beer and the best food. Our tenant offerings are from all over the nation—each with a unique history and story. We bring something fresh and new while preserving the local element.”

SteelCraft’s core values of restoration, the celebration of craft and community engagement aligns well with the City of Garden Grove’s Re:Imagine initiative which focuses on transforming the downtown and Civic Center area. The campaign promotes the use of public spaces, while encouraging an active lifestyle by biking and walking.

“Garden Grove is the perfect second location,” said Howard. “It’s right in the city’s center in an already densely populated area of Orange County. We can bring connectivity to the downtown civic area.”

The development is estimated to be completed in 12 to 18 months. “This is an extremely lofty goal,” said Howard, “but we hope to be open this time next year.”

“We have a great team and we are all hands on deck to make this a central meeting place in the already vibrant Garden Grove community,” said Gros.

The second SteelCraft location will be on the empty 1.864 acre lot that was formerly occupied by Black Angus restaurant from 1988 to 2005 before being acquired by the Garden Grove Agency for Community Development in July 2009. The development will feature a second story eating area and children’s play area. At more than twice the square footage of SteelCraft Long Beach, there will be at least a dozen vendors who will be curated based on the shared values of restoration and sustainability, craft and community.

SteelCraft Garden Grove will house craft food, coffee, wine, beer, dessert and retail spaces. All vendors will cater to the culture of Garden Grove through the best product offerings and a fundamental commitment to community engagement.


SteelCraft is an outdoor urban eatery built with repurposed shipping containers as a tribute to the history of the shipping industry in Long Beach. Dedicated to the restoration of resources, craft of unique food and building of community, the SteelCraft experience is truly one of a kind. The first SteelCraft location opened in Long Beach in 2017 and is currently occupied by Desano Pizza, Lovesome Chocolates, Pig Pen Delicacy, Smog City Brewing, Steelhead Coffee, Tajima Ramen, The Fresh Shave and Waffle Love.


Howard CDM is a commercial general contractor and developer headquartered in Long Beach, Calif. Howard CDM specializes in the construction, development and management of hospitality, retail and commercial projects in Southern California and nationwide. Howard CDM is the builder, developer and managing partner of SteelCraft.