Ten Mile Brewing

In 2010, father and son duo, Dan and Jesse, began home-brewing out of their garage in Southern California. That was the beginning of a change in their relationship, from a tumultuous one to one of mutual respect and friendship. In 2012, they decided they wanted to share their passion with a larger audience and thus, Ten Mile Brewing was born.

The name Ten Mile Brewing comes from the Kings Canyon National Park region of the Sierra Nevadas in California. Ten Mile Creek is a tributary of Hume Lake, where the family has owned a cabin and been vacationing for several generations. The region is home to the giant sequoia trees and thousands of acres of gorgeous scenery. Inspired by this favorite place we built everything in our Signal Hill taproom using raw elements similar to what is found there.

Ten Mile Brewing uses only the finest and freshest ingredients in their brewing process. Each recipe is perfected to reflect the historical accuracy of each style as well as unforgettable taste. They offer a hand crafted beer that is truly an experience—one that is meant to be shared.

Ten Mile Brewing is a family owned and operated business.

Hours: 11am-9pm Mon-Thurs & Sun, 11am-10pm Fri & Sat
Order: Call (562) 612-1255 or visit their website to schedule pick-up.