Vendor Spotlight: Pig Pen Delicacy

Originating in Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market, Pig Pen Delicacy is the newest addition to the SteelCraft family. The hardworking team behind PPD has been busy prepping their container for business the day they signed the lease. The burger joint serves classic comfort food with a modern twist. Additionally, their specialization in pork offers an array of bacon and pork favorites.

The Maple Bacon Jam Burger is the answer to someone who enjoys a sweet and savory combo. The burger itself is made of bacon jam, caramelized onions, havarti cheese, aioli and fried onion strings. For those on the daring side, or wants to spruce up their Instagram feed, the pork belly fries topped with hot cheetos and the mac n’ cheese burger are the equally famed choices.

PPD serves meals on the heavier side so come hungry and share with friends to try every unique entree on their menu.