SteelCraft Munch Madness returns!

IT’S MARCH! Get ready to vote starting March 27th at 8am below to crown the 2019 SteelCraft Munch Madness Champion! With over 15,000 votes last year and a whole lot of friendly competition, it came down to: Pig Pen Delicacy’s MacDaddy Burger vs. The Fresh Shave’s Caterpillar in the championship round, with The Fresh Shave winning by a landslide! ☀️?

Without further ado, the contenders are (drumroll, please!)…

  • Desano’s San Gennaro Pizza vs. The Fresh Shave’s Fu Manchu
  • Steelhead Coffee’s Lavender Latte vs. Smog City’s Signature Smog City IPA
  • Rainbow Juices’ ABC+ vs. Waffle Love’s Dulce de Liege
  • Tajima’s Spicy Sesame Ramen vs. Pig Pen Delicacy’s El Chefe Sandwich
  • The Fresh Shave’s Caterpillar vs. Smog City’s Wow! Pop Crushable IPA
  • Pig Pen Delicacy’s MacDaddy Burger vs. Waffle Love’s Chicken & Waffles
  • Steelhead Coffee’s Long Beach Fog vs. Rainbow Juices’ Tangerine Dream
  • Tajima’s Signature Tajima Ramen vs. DeSano’s Signature DeSano Pizza

Vote for your favorites below starting March 27th, 2019 at 8am.

Which matchup will be the closest? YOU DECIDE the winner! Re-voting available every five minutes!

SWEET 16: March 27th @ 8am to April 1 @ 11:59am

Elite ATE: April 1st @ 12pm to April 4 @ 11:59am

Final FORK: April 4th @ 12pm to April 8th @ 11:59am

Championship: April 8th @ 12pm to April 12th @ 12pm

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